Essay on this series

Slip Steel
“Slip Steel,” 1974. Steel. 5’h. x 15’w. x 20′ d. Private collection.

“Trestle,” 1974. Steel, aluminum. 2’h. x 5’w. x 12’d. Private collection

“Grounding,” 1968. Steel. 3’h. x 7’w. x 10’d. Private collection.

“Warrington,” 1968. Steel. 4.5’h. x 7’w. x 8’d. Private collection.

Essay on the site work

Jacob's Ladder
“Jacob’s Ladder,” 1984. Poured flour. Site work at the Hambidge Center, Rabun Gap, Ga.

Dingle Drawing
“Dingle Drawing,” 1983. Poured flour. 15′ x 8′. Site work at The Dingle, Cheshire, U.K.

 Dingle Drawing VIII
“Dingle Drawing VIII,” 1983.

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