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I am an artist. It’s what I do – paint pictures & write poems. But it is also who I am – how I view the world and assess its meaning. This gift of art is something that has little meaning outside of the sharing of it, so I have also often taught art as a natural dimension of making and being an artist.

Over the last 44 years I have shared the knowing that is art in many places – along the Talkeetna River in Alaska, on the barrier islands off the coast of Georgia, in sandlot “classrooms” of poverty stricken inner city neighborhoods and in university lecture halls, in kindergarten enrichment programs, elementary schools, high schools and community art centers, in undergraduate and graduate university programs, and once even in a maximum security prison (fortunately as an invited guest!) . I have learned surely as much as I have taught – mostly that true art can blossom anywhere when the true self is revealed and willing spirits gather together to share. It’s as simple as that.
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– for my drawing students

It’s simple, really

we look
we listen
we draw upon
our looking and listening

each day
alone, together
in our pool of light and shadow:
these mountains, these rivers
our selves

where form is never more
than the revelation of content
leaning into the light
leaning into the dark

to where the singing comes from,
ardent, longing,
like a river that knows
where it’s going.

At present Laurence offers the following instructional opportunities:


The Artist’s Path – Talks & Conversations

Drawing From Our Own True Nature

Teaching Resume

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